VST Team goal is to ensure your total satisfaction with the services and products that we provide in high vacuum technology, deposition of thin layers of metal, dielectrics and organic materials.  

VST has served over hundred of satisfied customers around the world, earning a reputation for excellence throughout the High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum industry and scientific community users of thin film deposition equipment such as Thermal, Electron Beam, Ion Beam and Magnetron Sputtering as well as Low Temperature Evaporators for Organic Semiconductors known as OLED.

Our design engineers developed highly reliable solutions for Co-Sputtering using combine DC Pulsed and RF power supplies, at partial pressure of reactive process gases.

For OLED we integrate our systems with Inert Gas Gloveboxes. Creating a full processing line in inert atmosphere.

VST systems possess features such as flexible design, long life and high reliability with acceptable operation and maintenance costs. Our Cluster Tools combines the accuracy of robot samples transfer with ease of maintenance.

The cluster Tools are often combined with Inert Gas Gloveboxes for OLED encapsulation as a final product. 

Product inquiries are shortly followed by detailed documentation and suggestions for your review.

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