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Evaporation System (7)

Custom vacuum systems and custom thin film deposition systems for a wide range of applications, including research/production prototype. We offer a choice of R&D or production prototyping configurations for our thin film deposition systems.

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Sputtering System (2)

Using all known sputtering sources including DC, DC pulsed, RF and HIPIMS power supplies we are covering reactive and      none-reactive sputtering. The sample temperature can be controlled from RT to high temperature 800˚C during thin film deposition. Sample translation and rotation can be combined with sophisticate load lock sample manipulation. Our sputter deposition system can be supplied with up to 4 sources, targets and with or without load lock chambers and linear transfer mechanism. Source for pre-cleaning, are intended for co-sputtering mode. Multiple sample stages feature integrated sample bias and controlled heating and temperature measurement. A completely automated process control system is furnished to ensure    a reliable, repeatable and high quality coating process.

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Vacuum Equipment (9)

VST is not a "catalog" type company that forces you to conform to our product line. Whether you need a prototype or a production pumping system, central vacuum, high voltage casting and epoxy potting or oil drying equipment, we have the staff, capability and expertise to provide the best lead times and quality of product available anywhere. We manufacture clean room compatible high vacuum and ultra high vacuum (UHV) systems.

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Vacuum Components (4)

We design and manufacture reliable vacuum components for our thin film deposition system. Our vacuum components are available as spare parts for our thin film deposition systems as well as for your own use.

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