462 Series

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462 Series
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Thin Film Deposition Systems series 462  

The TFDS-462 Thin film deposition systems series are designed for R&D laboratories to offer best value to cost ratio. The exceptional flexibility and the wide range of components available, allows the perfect fit of the system to the researcher needs. Most of the known deposition sources such as thermal evaporation, electron beam, ion beam, sputtering, etc can be easy integrated. The small chamber volume allows fast cycling to enable several runs per day with dry and wet pumping system according to process requirements. For even faster and cleaner cycling the system comes with load lock, to avoid opening the chamber to air. The process chamber can be either bell jar type or box type each with its advantages. All chambers are coming with protective liners, easy removable for cleaning purpose.The system is fully automated and it comes either with PC control. The human friendly engineering offers safe operation fully protected against operator errors. Several levels of security are used to differentiate operators, engineers, or service users.Remote Internet support -our engineers can “see” system behavior, update software, debug and or take any actions when controlling the system remotely, which, gives us the possibility to confirm and solve problems .When PC is integrated, all processes runs as well as recipes are saved and can be review, modified and reused. The automatic recording feature, works as data logger for all analog available data. The recorded data can be review online and offline as required.

The system will be built to customer satisfaction. Our engineers should work closely with the client to achieve best fit to specific client needs.