TFSP- 840

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TFSP- 840
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The next generation Sputtering Deposition systems series TFSP-840 are flexible completely customizable magnetron sputtering system designed specifically for R&D and prototype production.
Multi-gun capability, co-sputtering, sequential sputtering without breaking vacuum and reactive sputtering (with active gas mixtures) are possible


  • Electro Polished Stainless Steel Chamber (D shaped Box)
  • 4” Diameter View Port on Front Door with Manual Shutter
  • Aditional Spare Ports/ Flanges for Future Upgrades
  • Dry Scroll Pump (per request - Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pump)
  • Cryo Pumping or Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pumping System
  • Cold Cathode or Hot Cathode Ionization Gauge
  • Throtteling Gate Valve

load-lock with:

  • Manual/automatical Sample Transfer System
  • UV cleaning
  • Controlled oxygen inlet
  • Sample rotation
  • Sample controlled heating/cooling
  • Pneumatically oprated gate valve
  • Turbo Molecular Pumping System
  • Single/Mltiple Magnetron Gun Assemblies with Various Target Sizes
  • The stand-alone Guns with Special Mounting enable angular and high adjustment
  • Targets are indirect cooled
  • Cooling water is not in contact with the magnets or with applied cathode power.
  • DC / RF Sputtering Deposition of magetic, non-magnetic metals or insulators
  • Easy Target Mounting
  • DC, DC pulsed, RF or HiPIMS Power Supplies
  • Blocked filters for DC Power Supplies
  • High Voltage switch box
  • Motorized Shutter Assembly for each Source
  • Up to 4 Gas Inlets with Mass Flow Controllers 
  • Substrate Pre-Cleaning by Ion Source
  • Substrate Rotation
  • Substrate Heater (from RT  up to 800° C)
  • Programmable Adjustable Substrate Height before or during Deposition  (Z-shift)
  • PC /PLC Controlled System