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Sputtering deposition system series TFSP-995 equipped with three 6" semi balanced magnetron sputter sources.


  • Equipped with three 6" semi-unbalanced magnetron sputter sources
  • Independent gas showers for each gun with MFC
  • Three independent DC pulse 5KW power supplies
  • Adjustable source to substrate distance
  • Simultaneous deposition from up to three sputter sources
  • Independent crystal heads for each source
  • 300mm diameter substrate
  • Special rotating stage, RF/DC bias compatible
  • Constant pressure /constant flow modes with throttle valve
  • Additional gas inlet with MFC
  • Fully automatic control PC/PLC
  • Human machine interface software



  • Allows coating of large 3D samples
  • Allows pure metal films deposition
  • Allows reactive sputtering of fine grain oxides
  • High density films
  • High deposition rates
  • Easy to operate
  • Process recipes PC builder
  • Historical data records
  • Fully adaptable to a wide range of processes
  • Repeatable film thickness depositions
  • Easy loading and unloading of samples