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TCH-700 - Lamps Production High Vacuum System

The TCH-700 is compact high vacuum system for sealed lamps production.

The TCH-700 provides the following functions:

  • Production of Ultra High Vacuum
  • Production of Gas Mixture and it’s Storage
  • Production of up to 40 glass lamps
  • Lamp Sputtering (Cleaning)Procedure
  • Lamp Filling with gas mixture
  • Gas Analysis (Mass Spectrometer)
  • Lamps Leak
  • Automatic Control and Monitoring of Vacuum and Gas Flow 
  • Forty lamps valves are mounted on the two parallel manifolds divided in four groups: two in the upper part and two lower part of each of the manifolds.
  • Each valve has its individual ID number for identification on the control system. The two manifolds are joining in the central manifold, connected to the pumping station.
  • The mixture vessel is intended for storage of the ultra pure gases mixture. Initial gas mixture is realized by slow filling of each gas through a metering valve. When specified pressure value is reached the shut off valve will be automatically actuated. Flexible heating elements are used for manifolds and mixture vessel internal surfaces degassing.

Heating area with independent controls:

  • Two lamps manifolds
  • Central manifold
  • Mixture vessel
  • The frame is made of anodized aluminum profiles, compatible with clean room class 10000 requirements. The frame has four combination wheels with adjustable feet.
  • All external connectors of the system are placed on the rear panel

The measurement instrumentation of the TCH-700 consists of:

  • Combination vacuum gauge with convection and cold cathode gauge in the central manifold
  • Second cold cathode gauge in the end of one of manifold (for check vacuum difference only)
  • Convection vacuum gauge in backup line of the turbomolecular pump
  • Baratron® absolute pressure gauge in the central manifold;
  • Precision pressure transducer in the vessel manifold;
  • Pressure gauge in the mixture vessel (indicator only);
  • RC Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)  in the central manifold;
  • Four each thermocouple temperature sensors on the manifolds and on the mixture vessel.
  •  All processes may be run automatically. Human Machine Interface is provided by RS View software loaded into the PC. The software allows OPERATOR to receive visual information and to enter commands as follows:
    • Start /stop process steps
    • Edit recipes and create new ones
    • Operate all the equipment in SERVICE mode
    • View and save reports and history 

Technical Data 

Roughing Vacuum pumps:
Main pump:


  Nominal pumping speed:

  Guaranteed ultimate pressure:
Auxiliary pump:


  Nominal pumping speed:  

  Guaranteed ultimate pressure:

Scroll, oil less
30 m3/hrs
less than 5,0x10-2mbar

1.9 m3/hrs 
less than 0.7mbar

Turbomoleculare Vacuum pump:
 Nominal pumping speed:

9000 l/sec





  Backing temperature

  Lamp port diameter

stainless steel
8 liter (summary)
50 mm
150 °C max
4 mm O.D.

Mixture vessel:


  Max filling pressure:

  Preliminary ultimate vacuum

  Number of filling gases

  Accuracy of each components

  Concentration of each components

17.9 liter (summary, inside)
35 psig absolute (2.5 atm)
less than 1.0x10-7Torr
up to 7 (no corrosive, oxygen excluding)
±0.05 psig
0.3 psig min


All vacuum valves (roughing, purge and vent) and gate are stainless steel bellow sealed, pneumatic operated.

Gas cleaning:

  Number of gases

  Gas flow controllers

up to 2
200 sccm FS (first channel), 100 sccm FS (second channel)

Gas filling:

  Number of gases

  Gas flow controllers


100 sccm FS; 10 sccm FS
less than 0.1 Torr


Dual Modular Vacuum Gauge Controller, 2 convection gauges, 1 Cold Cathode Measuring range 3x10-10 to 1x10+3 Torr, Baratron® full range


closed type, aluminum anodizes profiles, painting doors and panels


1860mm (L) x 720 mm (D) x 1380 mm (H)


approx 450 Kg